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2016 Legislative Issues

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1ST AMENDMENT ACCESS (Support) We would support a legislative effort to preempt local governments from requiring lobbyists for non-profits to pay outrageous fes or meet burdensome requirements in order to speak, write a letter or make a phone call to local officials.

BAD DEBT SALES TAX REFUND (Support) We support efforts to increase the current 64% refund level of the sales taxes remitted on bad debts to 100% of the remitted taxes on debt that has gone bad on a private label credit cards.

BAN THE BOX (Oppose) We would oppose any legislation that restricts employers from asking about applicant’s criminal record.

BUSINESS RENT TAX REFORM (Support) Florida is the only state that assesses a sales tax on commercial real estate leases. We support efforts to reduce the tax rate by 1% each year to lessen this tax burden.

COMBINED REPORTING (Oppose) We oppose this Corporate Tax Filing that requires a multi-state company to report on a combined basis the operations of all related entities involved in a unitary business.

CORPORATE TAX EXEMPTION FOR RETAILERS (Support) We support any reduction in the corporate income tax rate for retailers.

CONVENIENCE BUSINESS SECURITY (Support) We support legislation that would allow for training of all convenience store employees to ensure the safety and security for employees, customers and owners.

DATA SECURITY (Support) We support legislation that would strengthen data security when using credit cards to prevent fraud.

DRONE LEGISLATION (Oppose) We oppose any legislation that would restrict the sale of drones.

E-CIGARETTE TAXES/PREEMPTION (Support) FRF & FPMA support legislation that preempts any regulations of these products to a state level and preempts local ordinances.

GMO-MANDATORY LABELING (Oppose) We oppose local or state efforts to mandate additional labeling on food products which would designate that the product includes a genetically modified organism.

INCREASE STATE MINIMUM WAGE (Oppose) We oppose any legislative increase in the state minimum wage.

INTIMATE APPAREL (Oppose) We oppose any legislation that would mandate additional regulation and requirements on retailers relating to intimate apparel purchases.

LOTTERY SALES AT THE POINT OF SALE (Support) We support legislation that would give retailers the option to expand lottery sales at the point of sale terminal.

MANDATORY REPORTING & CHECKING OF THE PDMP BY DOCTORS (Support) We support the Legislature requiring the doctors who write prescriptions for controlled substances to check the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program before writing the prescription and to report their dose into the program.

OPEN CARRY, PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS (Oppose) We oppose any effort to restrict the private property rights of retailers in determining whether to allow open carry of firearms on their property.

OPIOID ABUSE DETERRENT (Support) We support legislation removing the requirement for a prescription for an opioid abuse deterrent. This would allow the medication to be available for pharmacist to dispense.

PREDICTIVE SCHEDULING (Oppose) We oppose any legislation that would dictate to a retailer the manner in which they should schedule their employees.

POLYSTYRENE PREEMPTION (Support) We would support legislation that preempts all regulation of polystyrene to the State.

RETAIN PLASTIC BAG PREEMPTION (Support) We support current Florida law, which designates the state government as the regulator of plastic and paper bags and preempts local regulation. We oppose any effort to eliminate this preemption.

RESTRICTING THE RETAIL SALE OF A LEGAL PRODUCT (Oppose) We oppose any legislation or regulation that restricts the retail sale of a legal product.

SALES TAX HOLIDAYS (Support) We encourage the Governor and Legislators to continue to fund Sales Tax Holidays such as Back to School, Disaster Preparedness, ENERGY STAR and Watersense.

TORT REFORM (Support) We believe that injured parties should recover based on their real expenses, not phantom numbers. We support corrective legislation to help restore truthful damage verdicts in personal injury lawsuits.

UNDERGROUND STORAGE CLEANUP PROGRAM (Support) We support legislation that will protect the owner and the property while participating in the Petroleum Restoration Program.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION REFORM (Support) The outcome of several recent Florida Supreme Court cases could have significant impacts on the future of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system. We support reforms that will allow Florida to provide reliable and fair benefits to injured workers while also providing consistency and predictability in premiums for employers.

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