Dues Structure

Category I: Petroleum Marketers

Petroleum Marketers

Petroleum Marketer- Any person, firm or corporation who markets petroleum products in the State of Florida and purchases petroleum wholesale, owning and/or operating facilities whose operation is of an independent nature, unaffiliated with a petroleum refiner. Dues are based on the number of gallons distributed with a $750 minimum.


Dealer - An Independent Operator who owns or leases and operates retail gasoline facilities. This category applies to owners/operators of retail sites such as truck stops, retail motor fuel facilities or c-stores. Dues are based on the number of stores with a $2,500 minimum.

Category III: Supplier Members

Any person, firm or corporation directly engaged in selling products or providing services to Category I and II members.

  • Associate Member - $750
  • Major Supplier - $2,000
  • Environmental - $2,500

Category IV: Patrons

Any person, firm, corporation or organization who believes that support of FPMA Marketer members (Categories I and II) warrants extraordinary participation in the Association. All Patron members receive special recognition by FPMA as noted on the Dues Structure page.

Any Category III Member is welcomed to upgrade their membership to Patron. Patrons receive:

  • Free web links with logos on FPMA website
  • Patron page on FPMA website
  • Patron page in Annual Membership Directory
  • Patron signage on Trade show booths
  • Patron recognition at the annual convention
  • Pro le in PetroGram Magazine

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